What’s Our Story?

Creating a home that you can be proud of isn’t always easy, especially when you’re battling a full-time job, busy social life, and family. For some people, there are a million things they would rather do than browse online home interior websites or read interior design articles. I am not one of those people.

Having been obsessed with real estate since I was a little girl, in my free time I can be found scrolling through Pinterest or browsing properties online and envisioning how I would renovate them. What started as just giving friends a helping hand with their homes has now turned into a full-time passion and job I love!

I have been living in the UAE since 2012 and have worked on many homes across the city for both full service and virtual interior design. My style is about simple and affordable interior design. Home interior brands aren’t restricted to the rich and famous, so why should interior design be?

I’m here to help anyone who wants an Instagrammable home without having to spend hours (and thousands of Dirhams) on it. With my help you can say goodbye to carbon copy interiors and hello to a home you will want to show off to all your friends and family!

What’s The Deal With Clickbayt?

‘Bayt’ means ‘home’ in Arabic. Clickbayt lets you redesign your home at the click of a button. Our affordable Online and Face-to-Face Interior Design means you can pick and choose what you work on in your home, from requesting the design for just one room, to redoing your whole property. We can also work around pieces of furniture you already have so you don’t have to worry about starting from scratch in order to get gorgeous interiors.

What’s more, our work doesn’t stop the minute you receive our designs. We are available to go back and forth on any product changes you would like – perhaps you would like more bedding options or different options for the rugs. We are here to help you get the home of your dreams, at a price you’re comfortable with.