Is your property’s interior design stopping you from making money?

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So you’ve put your property on the market to either sell or rent it out, but no one seems to be interested. 

The price is right. The agency is right. But still, no one wants to bite. Why?


The majority of people find it extremely hard to look past the furniture or décor already in a property and can’t vision what their own furniture would look like in a space. When they walk into your property whatever furniture you do have in there may be putting them off. And therefore stopping them from making an offer.

But how can you reverse this without spending a fortune on new items? Here’s we look at three ways to save the day. 

1. Cut the clutter

Number one rule when having prospective clients or tenants view your property is to cut the clutter that’s already there. Having anything that does not add positively to the aesthetics of the space will really stop people from wanting to move into the property. And what would constitute clutter? Anything that is super personal to your family, such as kid’s pictures on the fridge, momentos on the shelves, excess accessories that do not add to the design etc. 

2. Style it up 

If you’re renting out a furnished property, you may think that all you need to provide is the key items, such as the beds, sofa, dining table etc. This may be true but having just the basics in a property can really make it look cold and unlivable. You really don’t want the clients walking in and thinking they are looking at a student apartment! 

You need to add homely accessories and elements of style to the design, such as cushions and throws, candles, artwork, flowers etc. You don’t need to leave any of this in the property when you go to rent it, but this will help make the place look like a home and really encourage the potential tenants to envision themselves living there. You want them to walk in and go: ‘Oh wow, this is nice’.

The same goes if you’re trying to sell your property. Add touches of interior design home styling and your place will be transformed to something you would expect in a property brochure or in a show home. 

3. Get professional help

Selling or renting your property can be stressful. Especially in a market like the UAE where prices can fluctuate a lot. You’re looking for top dollar and so need to put in the maximum effort to get that. However, you’re not a professional at this. 

You’ve hired a real estate agent to market your property as they’re experts in their field. Why should you suddenly be able to become an expert in interior design just to help boost your property? It will save you time and money in the long-run to get in a professional designer who can help style your home to perfection, and really attract the buyers/tenants through the doors. 

Do this during the early stage. Don’t waste time waiting to see if someone will take it as it is. As this may cost you money and end up with them offering you a lower price than you wanted.  

At Clickbayt we can help with the re-styling of your entire home, all online. What does that mean? Well, you send us a video walking us round the property and within a day we send back a detailed list of all the quick (and easy) fix changes you should make and what you need to buy (online) to really boost your home. We can even come and meet you face-to-face and carry out all the changes and shopping for you, if you prefer. 

Get in touch today on to maximise the sale of your home or speed up the tenant-searching process! 

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