Five easy ways to transform your rented home without spending a fortune

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Whether you are a landlord in Dubai and want to transform your rental property to attract more tenants or you are tenants looking to turn your rental property into your ideal home, these affordable and quick fixes will help boost your property design without breaking the bank.

  1. Change the power socket covers. While you may need to ask your landlord’s permission, this is something extremely affordable but will make a strong impact on the design of your home. Head to Dragon Mart and you will find a range of different styles and colors starting from just AED20 per socket. Make sure you buy enough for every light switch, power switch and Internet connection socket so that nothing is left out of place.
  2. Change the ceiling lights in each room. If you have ceiling chandeliers or pendants and not spotlights then you should change them in line with the design of the rest of the room. Again this doesn’t have to be expensive with a fabulous collection of ceiling lights stocked at high Street brands like IKEA, Home Centre, Home Box and Pan Emirates.
  3. Change cupboard handles. If you have built in wardrobes or standalone pieces of furniture from the likes of IKEA, one way to spice up the design without breaking the bank is to change the handles. You can even change the handles on your kitchen cupboards quickly without causing any long-term damage. Again head to Dragon Mart or look online on Amazon and you will find an endless selection of handles to suit the rest of your design. Just remember to measure your handles beforehand so you buy ones that’s perfectly fit.
  4. Invest in large rugs. One of the most undesirable aspects of rental properties is the flooring. Especially in Dubai where every rental property seems to have the same tiled floor. It can really throw off your design and be the main thing that your eyes are drawn to when you walk into the house. While replacing the floor is out of the question in most rented accommodation, you can help make it look better by investing in large area rugs. Our favorite shops for rugs are Home Centre, Pan Emirates, Abrash Carpets and the likes of smaller homegrown brands such as The Weave Factory and People of the Sand. Large rugs can be quite expensive so take notes of when these shops are having seasonal or clearance sales. Another tip is to keep your rugs neutral so that if you want to change the design or color palette of the rest of the room you can do so without having to re-invest in another expensive rug.
  5. Repaint the walls. If you’re planning on staying in your rental property for a couple of years it is worth repainting the walls in a color that goes with the rest of your home design. Keep the color neutral such as an off-white or a pale gray and that way you will not need to repaint over bright colors when you decide to leave the property. You can get a professional team to repaint your property at an affordable rate and not having the commonly-used yellowy-cream color on the walls will make the world of difference.
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