How to turn your short-term rental properties into a hospitality brand

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Ever wondered why hospitality is such big business in the UAE? Our emirates are such tourist friendly places, so it’s no wonder that the hospitality brands on offer provide the ultimate escapes. From cheap and cheerful to opulent beyond desire, the UAE has it all when it comes to hotels. But as hotel room rates continue to increase more and more travellers are turning to the likes of Airbnb for their next trip to our fabulous country.

So how can you turn your short-term rental property into the dream Airbnb listing? It all comes down to your hospitality skills. If you can combine the affordability and convenience of staying in a residential property with the unique touches and comfort of staying in a hotel, the sky’s the limit for your profit margin. Here we look at three easy-to-follow ways you can do just this.

1) Go the extra mile
Think of all of the little things that make a hotel room unique: toiletries in the bathroom, notepads by the bed, coffee and tea facilities…the list goes on. Try to not only incorporate these into your design but go one step further to make these small touches memorable. For example, instead of just leaving a plain notepad by the bed, why not have them branded with your property portfolio name? Or why not leave a small box of Arabian dates as a welcome gift? You could even go one step further and leave the guest with a welcome care package of milk, eggs, bread and water. All of these things will help your property stand out and will increase the amount of positive reviews and ratings you get on Airbnb, ultimately leading to more bookings.

2) Provide tourist amenities
Many guests will be arriving in the UAE for the first time and will be left confused on many factors such as must-try restaurants, where the nearest supermarket is, how to book a taxi to the airport etc. Why not create a little black book of tourism advice (similar to the books they have in hotel rooms) listing all of the things you would like to know as a tourist to the UAE. Throw in some coffee table books talking about our great country and you will be able to help your guest fall in love with the UAE.

3) Be flexible
The best thing about staying in a hotel is the flexibility it offers in terms of getting things done. For example, if you want to stay longer than the usual 12pm check out you call up and make the arrangements. If you want extra towels or toiletries, you can dial housekeeping and have them within five minutes. Where possible you want to create the same flexibility in your Airbnb property. You can do this by providing a daily cleaning service, having a 24 hour stay policy, being flexible on your check out times etc.

4) Brand, brand, brand
Think about the brand you want to create for your property/property portfolio. As I mentioned in our previous blog, you want to add your personality stamp to each property to add some unique touches that will be carried throughout. It’s also a good idea to brand the amenities you provide such as the towels, notepads, toiletries etc. This does not have to be expensive and can be done in bulk and in an affordable way. You should also ensure your communication with the guest is all branded so they know that they are staying with a company-managed/company-owned property, helping them to feel like they are visiting a boutique hotel.

Giving your property a hospitality twist will help increase your presence and ratings on Airbnb, leading to more and more guests. As your popularity or portfolio increase, so will your brand presence in the market. Through these easy-to-follow steps you will be able to differentiate yourself from competitors and ensure your property gains the maximum ROI from your Airbnb listings as possible.

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