Case study: Guest Bathroom renovation

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Renovating a bathroom can be a daunting task, especially when there are so many gorgeous designs out there. Where do you begin? How do you choose between what tiles you want or what colour scheme?!

Luckily, when we recently renovated our guest bathroom we had very clear goals in mind of what we wanted.

  1. To turn an oversized guest toilet into a shower room.
  2. To keep to strict budgets as this is for an investment property, not our forever home.
  3. To design something that isn’t your average bathroom design (important for Dubai where we live, where many apartments are carbon copies of each other).

As you can see, before, the bathroom was an outdated beige/ yellow, palette, and, even though it wasn’t old and was most certainly livable, it did not make the best use of the space. The sink along measured over 1 meter wide, which is crazy for a guest toilet!

Just like any project we encountered the usual problems along the way. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to move the toilet, so had to keep the layout very similar to how it is now. And also the shower had to be elevated to prevent leakage/flooding according to our building developer rules.

But we didn’t let these things hold us back!

After a month’s work of trying to hurry along contractors and plumbers, we finally have a guest bathroom we love. What’s more, we kept to our three original goals. We came in under budget and are super happy with the overall look.

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Toilet, sink, tiles, shower and sink taps, sourced from Dragon Mart: Totaling AED1670

Shower screen sourced by our contractor: AED350

Cabinet for sink: Custom made by our contractor for AED1,000

Wooden shelves: Custom made by contractor for AED120

Paint for walls: Symphony Blue by Benjamin Moore Paints AED360

Handles for cabinet: Ebay AED10 each

Elephant hook for towel: HM Home AED59

Grey hand towels: Zara Home AED29

Gold Mirror: Zara Home AED399

Mustard soap dispensers: Zara Home AED75

Gold picture frame on wall: IKEA AED39

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