Style your bookshelf in 6 easy steps

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One of the biggest problems people face when trying to perfect their home décor is what to do with all the little bits and pieces they’ve collected over the years. This is even more true for those of us living abroad, who seem to pick up mementos from every country we travel to! 

Do you have all the pieces to accessorise your home, but are stuck on exactly what to do with everything? Here we look at 6 simple steps to styling your bookshelf, so you can show off your pieces without having everything look messy or overcrowded. 

  1. Be brutal 

The first point and in fact the most important is to be brutal with the items you want to display. Some will hold sentimental value, but does that mean they should take centre stage on your bookshelf? If your items don’t go with your décor scheme, put them in memory boxes or in cupboards where they are cherished…but not seen! 

Start by laying out all your accessories on the floor so you can see exactly what you’re dealing with. Then start editing! Cut down to the bare minimal and make sure everything you have fits in the same colour or style flow.   

2. Decide on a colour palette 

If you have quite a neutral home, then adding colour to your accessories can give a real injection of life. But make sure you don’t overdo it. Instead stick to a colour palette of 4-5 colours that blend well together. For the brighter colours, you can use these as pops here and there but again, don’t overdo it. The ultimate goal is to have a streamlined look to your bookshelf, and not use it as something that will draw the eye too much away from the rest of the space. 

3. Create scale 

One way to add depth to your bookshelf design is to place items of different sizes and heights together. So don’t worry about having big or small items being clumped together. Space everything out evenly across the shelves, so your eyes aren’t automatically drawn to all the large items one end and the small items another. Just like size, height can also be played with. Stack books on top of each other with a candle or a figurine on top of that. Don’t worry about having everything the same height. 

4. Add artwork 

Artwork doesn’t have to be limited to the walls! Whether you have family photos or small prints in frames, your artwork can add a new dimension to the bookshelf space. 

5. Play around with books

Stack your books both vertically and horizontally to create a gorgeous design effect. Also, group books together in their colours, so they look neater when put together. 

6. Add some greenery

To add a finishing pop of life and vibrancy, add some greenery to your bookshelf. Artificial or real, adding a plant pot or two can really help bring the space to life. 

Still stuck on how to properly accessorise your bookshelf or entire home? Get in touch with us today to give you a helping hand. 

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